Description of project creation cottage "Azur"

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Description of project creation cottage " Azur"

In preparation for the design cottage " Azur" in 2006, a thorough analysis of the market of cottage townships Kiev region and villages near Moscow .Best village near Moscow in 2006 was recognized as a cottage " Greenfield » ( from the corporation "Incom" , Russia's largest developer of suburban real estate . In 2007, construction began on a new settlement Millennium Park ( These villages and the town served as prototypes " Azur" .In the Kiev region the vast majority of the proposed cottage towns - towns that " economy" class and the competition among them is very large. There are a few (compared to the Moscow market ) in the segment of "business" and " de luxe" . However, most of them do not meet many of the criteria declared class , and their cost - "price- quality".As can be seen competitors such as cottage villages " Maetok », « Severynivka », « Sun Valley », «Riviera Villas», «Green Hills», « Zoloche », « Italian Quarter"

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When designing our town task was to achieve the most comfortable living conditions for its future residents , which provided that the following requirements :

1) Organic picturesque countryside ;

2) proximity to the forest;

3) having a clean , suitable for swimming pond in the town ;

4) good transport accessibility (within 20 km from Kiev ) at sufficient distance from the busy highways to minimize noise and exhaust gases;

5 ) is sufficiently large area, which allows to make large portions (not less than 25 acres ) , wide streets , large public recreation area and place the infrastructure , ie achieve a minimum density of buildings ;

6) in the presence of a full-fledged town profitable infrastructure intended only for residents of the town and their guests at a moderate monthly payments on its contents for future residents of the town ;

7 ) the availability of all the city's communications;

8 ) are well protected fenced area , excluding the possibility of intrusion ;

9) the use in the construction of the highest quality materials and advanced technologies ;

10 ) The price of homeownership should be accessible to the middle class and significantly lower than the competition , in order to quickly attract the required number of buyers and completely built and put into operation in the town as soon as possible .

Since Soviet times, the most famous resort areas near Kiev considered Concha Zaspa and Vorzel .Due to the fact that the price of land in Koncha Zaspa have always been and remain the highest ( because of its proximity to government dachas ) , it would not allow there to do in the future homeownership affordable prices .Accordingly, the choice fell Vorzel . Centered Vorzel railroad passes , the noise from which would not allow future residents of the town to fully enjoy the silence. Therefore, for the construction of the town was chosen area adjacent to Vorzel , but at a sufficient distance from both the railway and on the highway .Distance from the main post office ( Maidan Nezelezhnosti ) - 34 km from the CP - Gostomel ( Ring Road ) - 18 km from the city - 10 km.On both sides of the territory of the town adjacent to the forest .Natural lake in the territory was missing , but almost all of the future town brook , which is powered by underground springs and flows into the river Rokach . Thanks to a successful landscape is possible to make a cascade of beautiful lakes ( Umansky Sophia Park in miniature ) . The undeniable advantage of future lakes will be the absence of external uncontrolled tributaries, and with them the contents of rural cesspools , cowsheds , fertilizers from fields and other " charms" .Thus, the selected site meets all the recreational , transportation and price requirements.Market analysis has shown that the creation of a full-fledged cost-effective infrastructure in the town at a reasonable cost for its maintenance requires at least 150 houses. Therefore, the project included construction of 200 houses. And to fulfill the requirement to minimize the density of buildings , it was decided to put the town on a plot of 90 hectares ( 1200h750m ) .All plots are privately owned by individuals . Private investors and bank loans I managed to buy about 50 hectares.Intended purpose specified in the acts to date - OSG ( NKVD Selyanske gospodarstvo ) . As from the outset , and currently have the opportunity to transfer land for the purpose of gardening . However, this would limit the demand , because such land do not have the right to own and foreigners can not be registered on it . Therefore, since 2006 were started design work necessary to change the purpose of land " for the construction and maintenance of residential buildings " by introducing them to the border of the village according to the new master plan for the village.To do this, first developed and approved planning scheme villages ( preliminary phase master plan ) , according to which all our sites included in the new border village with the purpose " residential development , the first phase ." Based on this scheme was a master plan of the village, which was finalized August 11, 2009 . At present the project to change land border village awaiting approval in the area , then you can get a new state certificate with the purpose " construction and maintenance of residential buildings ."I have also received permission to design the village council cottage town ( all 90 ha).The prior decision of the village council to transfer long-term lease with the adjacent stream buffer zone " to create a recreation area " ( a cascade of lakes and sports park ) .Ready detailed plan cottage, which provides for the construction of 200 cottages of 250-500 sq.m. on plots of 25 acres to 1 hectare , essential infrastructure , three lakes with a total area of 3.5 hectares , and children's playgrounds , jogging and walking paths, waterfalls , parks and much more ( details on the site ) .The total area of ​​farmlands - 70 ha, and public recreational area - 20 hectares. According to the results of competitions cottage villages in 2008 and 2009 . our project has been recognized as the best in Ukraine.Performed Surveying campus and conducted geological exploration ground .Permits have been obtained in the district and regional water management for the design of the cascade lakes. Working draft made ​​lakes and started work on their creation . At the moment, all three are ready to bowl lakes.Technical conditions and began designing gasification (1950 cubic meters / hour) and Electrification ( 10 MW) of the town .Technical conditions for withdrawal ( 5 wells ) and spillway.In laboratory tests conducted SES Regional ecological status area: spring water (which will nourish the lake) - suitable for drinking , the level of contamination of soil and air as well as noise and radiation levels much below acceptable standards for residential development .

The easiest for me and cheapest way for buyers to further finance the construction of the town would be selling the plots future residents . Low-budget advertising campaign carried out in early 2009 , showed a high interest in the project from potential buyers . However , despite the significant benefits of the project and my ability and willingness to offer first buyers prices are several times lower than the other cottage townships , the complete absence of any construction works on site scares off potential buyers due to the high risk of unfinished construction.
Stimulate sales and thus enable to implement the project as a whole , in my opinion , would have helped the following minimum measures :


1) laying the road (albeit dirt ) from the road to the town and to the sites of the first stage (about 1.5 km);

2 ) Installation of transformer 250 kW (which is already purchased ) and the electrification of the 1st stage of construction;

3) the beginning of construction of the first houses ( at least two or three) ;

4) completion of construction of at least one lake (primarily secondary ) through the construction of dams and overflow structures that allow spring water to fill the lake ;

5) changing the purpose of at least a small part of the land for gardening or construction;

6) advertising campaign ( after the start of the above works on the site ) .

For the implementation of these measures will require minimum of 300 to 500 thousand dollars.
However, much more effective and compelling to potential buyers would start full-scale construction work , starting with the first phase of construction (the central part of the town , which includes about 40 sites and public recreation area with a cascade of lakes ) . Namely- Complete construction and equip all 3tri lake with waterfalls and their connecting channels ;- Stake out land and prepare documents for sale ;- Bring to all areas of communications (electricity, gas, water, sewer) ;- A paved road ;- Equip the public areas;- Perform landscaping ;- Build all planned in the central area of outdoor sports and playgrounds , jogging and walking trails , beaches, cafes, restaurants , etc.- Build a few cottages (only determine the future inhabitants of the town , since the construction of houses for sale, especially in a crisis , I think it inappropriate );- To organize two sales offices ( in Kiev and on-site );- Spend big- advertising campaign.

To implement these activities require 5 to $ 10 million .
In addition, it would be desirable not to redeem the remaining land belonging to me (about 50 hectares) before construction and before changing the purpose of land , as it takes significantly less (3 to 5 million dollars.) . Otherwise, you must do it at least sell their plots at much higher prices.
After implementing these plans, none of the potential buyers will not doubt the seriousness of the builder. Will only offer reasonable prices .

To raise funds for the start of construction , I see the following possible ways :BORROWING bail sites;Sale of the sites on the following possible conditions:If the buyer is interested in participating in my project , he, like the rest of my investors , some time will be able to implement land purchased as part of the cottage community at a much higher price on mutually beneficial terms . In this case, you can choose any of my sites .If the buyer will have their own plans for the use of these sites than mine, then it can only go on sale kakih-nibud edge areas , from which I can shut out .Involvement of the construction company , capable and willing to perform the general contractor of the project , provided that it will begin construction of their own money , as well as offering reasonable prices and high quality construction. For better I am willing to guarantee :Give their land as collateral.Convey land barter as payment for construction work , with the proviso that they will be built at home by certain dates.A major investor who would be willing to finance the initial phase of construction , and if possible to buy the remaining land is not owned by me .Start of construction at the expense of the first few buyers on special conditions .

When considering a large enough amount of the loan , the value of sites that I can provide as collateral will not be sufficient . In this case I suggest to split the total amount of tranches . The first tranche will be small bail available plots at the current price . After the expenditure of these funds on the "minimum measures" (see above) , the cost of plots clearly grow and collateral value of the sites will be increased. In addition, it will be possible to increase the area of ​​the plots , pledge , as well as pledge under construction .
Is willing to consider any other offers of cooperation to a speedy implementation of the project .
If someone has a desire to get acquainted with the plans moredetail , I have a business plan for 5 , 25 and 50 million dollars.

Sincerely,Mikhail+38 096 99-18-144

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